Christoph Prinstinger

The moment when people look at their own pictures and begin to shine, joy can also be read in my eyes. When people look into pictures and feel an image, then a lot has already happened. That is why I am so in love with photography – it can affect people in a positive way.

christoph prinstinger


Christoph Prinstinger, a native of Upper Austria, first came into contact with professional photography at the age of 37. In anticipation of their shared baby bliss, Anja, with her wonderful baby bump and Christoph were shot in Linz’s Studioloft.

“A very special experience to stand in front of a camera – unusual – not unpleasant – rather enchanting…” describes Christoph his perception of this special experience. The two spent an intense, interconnected shoot, as can be guessed from the pictures.

As the photographer kept showing individual pictures on the camera display, each of them were a dream in itself, the curiosity about how “photography” works grew and grew. When after a few days the final photos were in the inbox, the two marveled at the final result and felt those wonderful feelings as if they had been transported back to those very moments, it was the starting signal for Christoph to dive into the world of photography. Books, videos, webinars, and online courses were the first things he started to do – Christoph has always been inquisitive (but only when something really interests him) – before he went to his first workshop at the Prague Photo School in Linz.

Christoph has felt really at home and arrived in the world of photography (portrait and people photography) since the individual coaching with Ines Thomsen, a professional photographer from Linz, where Christoph now regularly attends workshops. Today, Christoph likes to call Ines his coach and mentor, not because of her professional knowledge regarding photography – no. It is rather the way Ines deals with people – empathizes with them – while they are in front of the camera, showing themselves and being photographed, which has inspired Christoph.

Couple Shooting
Anja Lindner & Christoph Prinstinger at Window
Fotoshooting Handflächen Couple Shooting
Anja Lindner & Christoph Prinstinger
Babybauch Shooting
Anja Lindner & Christoph Prinstinger